All About Desurai!

Desurai Wilson, an entrepreneur and strategist by nature and experience has accepted her true calling as an international speaker, emcee and transformational leader.  Over the years, her masterful art of engaging an audience and disrupting the norm with her intuitive humor has become a phenomenon that speaks to her in depth talents and power!
She is BIG in personality, promise and presence! The soul of Desurai Wilson cuts through a room, leaving a remarkable impression that draws you back for more. When she speaks, you listen with intent and find yourself drawn to her words of wisdom.  She is BOLD in her eminent gift to transform and transcend all that experience her. She is BRAVE in her delivery, magically reminding her audience to live and be authentic in their truth. To be a great leader one has to know their strengths and weaknesses and how to Laveer accordingly.
The Desurai Wilson brand experience is energetic and stellar. Her commanding presence is reflective in her tenacious spirit that showcases her adaptability, and commitment to: women entrepreneurs, government agencies, business owners and major corporations as illustrated below.
– Top Women in Logistics Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
– The Passion, Purpose and Power workshop in Atlanta, GA
– Governor of Texas Small Business Forums
– The City of Houston Women Business Center
– The Texas Veterans Commission Entrepreneurs Program
– The Houston Women Business Center “Preparing Entrepreneurs for Success” Conference
– State of Texas HUB conference
– The Global Business Connections Conference in Dubai
Our lives are influenced by a series of maneuvers that will have us to change course and to change course is to Laveer.

The Moments of Desurai

I am motivated by my inner compass. It drives me to fix problems and provide attainable solutions for others. I can live in that place forever!

The Desurai Wilson Team

Quiet Fire Creative Studios: Marketing and Graphic Design  | Pearls Management: Management and Booking  | B.R. Lane: Legal Affairs and Brand Oversight
Quiet Fire Creative Studios: Marketing and Graphic Design | Pearls Management: Management and Booking | B.R. Lane: Legal Affairs and Brand Oversight

The Desurai Experience

My Motivation
My inner compass and drive are what push me to fix problems. I believe in business there are as many problems as there are solutions. The solution motivates me, and the reaction from the person or crowd I am engaged with in that moment when they realize the solution is within their grasp…. I can live in that place forever!
The Art of Laveering
The word “Laveer” in the Art of Laveering means to “beat against the wind”. It’s an old nautical term used by experienced sailors. Imagine a crew upon a sailboat with the wind catching the sail taking them in the direction the wind is blowing. Suddenly the crew makes a series of maneuvers or “tacks” that turns the sailboat into the wind. In this new direction, the crew is now Laveering and able to accomplish difficult maneuvers not afforded when going with the wind. Both the Art of Laveering Mastermind and The Art of Laveering Conferences show people in business and in life how to go against what is normal by learning how to accomplish the impossible….
My Power
I am a story teller at heart and feel as if I have been doing so for a lifetime. Through story telling I am able to solve complex problems with my years of experience as an entrepreneur and tenure in both the public and private sectors. The Art of Laveering Mastermind and The Art of Laveering Conferences have a domestic and global reach; both are geared toward giving participants an experience through infusing local culture and business networking so they can have their own story.

I’ve always been told there are no special snowflakes in business. Solid business principles will work for any business and that is what Desurai Wilson brings to the table. Her strong knowledge and experience is just what Safety Kinetics Consulting and Construction, LLC needed. Her simple strategies and implementation processes gives you that winning confidence!

Sabriyah Callis

Collaboration with a person of Desurai's caliber was necessary to place us on the accelerated track for elevation from where we are to the level where we’ve already envisioned ourselves to be. Thanks to her we now have a viable plan that will no longer allow us to sell ourselves short.

Jamica Bell & Heather Shipp

We are excited about your interest in booking Desurai for your next business event. Contact our management team at Pearls Management for all of the exciting options.

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The Art of Laveering Mastermind - May 20-23rd - Algarve, Portugal


Karolyne Ashley – Dress Designer – Houston, Texas

Ashley Douglas – Makeup – Dollhouse Beaute’  – Atlanta, Georgia

Michael D Images – Photography – Atlanta, Georgia

Latasha McMillion – Hair – Ms. Mack Beauty Boutiques, Houston Texas